SYA Babe Ruth Local Rules (Standard Operating Procedures)

Southwestern Youth Association





Local Rules & Guidelines

Effective April 22, 2022


Table of Contents

I.              Mission.. 4

II.            Programs. 4

III.           Governance. 4

IV.           Local Rules and Guidelines. 5

V.             Amendments. 5

1.             OVERVIEW... 5

1.1.      League Objective. 5

1.2.      Scope. 5

1.3.      Objective of the Local Rules. 5

1.4.      Recommendations for Change. 5


2.1.      National Guidance. 6

2.2.      Precedence of Regulations and Rules. 6

2.3.      Volunteer Awards. 6

2.4.      Selection of a Scorekeeper and Pitch Counter. 6

2.5.      Field and Grounds Maintenance. 6

2.6.      Batting Cages. 7

2.7.      Batting Practice. 7

3.             SAFETY.. 7

3.1.      SafeSport 7

3.2.      Background Checks. 7

3.3.      Manager's Responsibility. 7

3.4.      Unsafe Conditions. 8

3.5.      Team Responsibilities. 8

4.             PLAYER REGISTRATION.. 8

4.1.      Registration. 8

4.2.      Opportunity to Play. 8

4.3.      Waiting List 9


5.1.      Manager Evaluation. 9

5.2.      Candidate List 9

5.3.      Ranking and Evaluating Candidates. 10

5.4.      Candidate Notification. 11

6.             ENSURING SPORTSMANSHIP.. 11

7.             COMPLAINT PROCEDURES. 12

8.             LOCAL PLAYING RULES. 12


9.1       Pre-Game Time Limits. 13

9.2       Delayed Games. 14

9.3       Postponed Games. 14

9.4       Suspended Games. 14

9.5       Schedule Deviations. 14

9.6       Rainout Policy. 14

10.          POST SEASON PLAY.. 15

10.1.        All Star Tournament Teams. 15

10.2.        Tournament Team Managers and Coaches. 15

10.3.        Tournament Team Selection Process. 16

10.4.        Finances. 16

Appendix A: League Boundaries. 17

Appendix B: SYA Babe Ruth Post Season History. 18

Appendix C: SYA Babe Ruth Volunteers of the Year. 19

SYA Babe Ruth Baseball

  1. Mission

SYA Babe Ruth Baseball (SYABR) provides a positive environment to further develop both baseball and life skills through advanced training and increased competition.  While available to all families residing within the SYA Babe Ruth (13 to 18 year olds) Baseball boundaries.

  1. Programs

Babe Ruth has an age limitation, which are noted as follows for the Spring 2022 season:

· A player’s age is based on the player’s age on April 30, 2022.

The 2022 Fall Baseball Season is considered the start of the new playing year for SYABR and will use the age determination dates noted above except it will be one year forward: April 30, 2023.

SYABR will also allow SYA players that have aged out of Little League due to the difference of age cutoff date. Any player eligible to participate in high school athletics will be eligible to participate in the Babe Ruth League 16-18 Division.

Baseball – Ages 13-15

This age group is for baseball players aged 13-15. On the basis of tryouts, managers will rate the players and then select teams using a draft system. The managers will determine selection of players and team placement. This is the first time many younger players will move to the 90’ diamond.

Baseball – Ages 16-18

This age group is for baseball players aged 16-18, the highest level in Babe Ruth Baseball. On the basis of tryouts, managers will rate the players and then select teams using a draft system. The managers will determine selection of players and team placement.

Fall Season

While the Fall season mirrors the organization of the Spring season, the Fall Season is considered primarily an instructional program on all levels as it is the beginning of a new Babe Ruth Baseball year.

Any adjustments to league organization will depend on total players registered for each playing level.

  1. Governance

The management of the property and affairs of the SYABR shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The SYABR Board of Directors (BOD) are elected by the general membership of SYABR each year under the guidance of the SYA Babe Ruth Constitution. These volunteers ensure the operations of the league are carried out according to Babe Ruth Baseball rules and regulations of the operating procedures outlined here within this document.

  1. Local Rules and Guidelines

Program details are included in this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Instructions on the conduct of the game for each level of play are provided herein. Additional local rules have been adopted to maximize player participation and the learning experience.

  1. Amendments

This SOP may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by a majority vote by the SYABR Board of Directors (BOD) or by the SYA organization’s Board of Directors.


  2. League Objective


The objective and sole purpose for which this league is established is to provide a structured, instructional and competitive baseball program for youths Babe Ruth age 13 – 18 in the greater Fairfax County community, which yields a positive experience in an environment that emphasizes sportsmanship, fair play, physical and mental well-being, teamwork, baseball skills development, community involvement and volunteerism, and the development of good citizens and positive role models for the community.  It is understood by all members of SYABR that the primary considerations for all actions taken and programs offered, is the welfare of the participants and to insure a positive experience for all participants. SYABR will strive to be one of the nation’s leading Babe Ruth Leagues through player development programs. community involvement, and the hosting of District, State, Regional and World Series Tournaments.

  1. Scope

To comply with the requirements imposed by Babe Ruth Baseball, the supervised program shall consist of a single league chartered by Babe Ruth Baseball with two divisions for players 13-18 years old, 13-15 and 16-18. The league is managed by the SYA Babe Ruth Board of Directors, under SYA Diamond Sports as part of the overall SYA Sports organization. The league shall have a spring and fall season of play. Placement of players within the supervised program is based on league age and playing ability.

  1. Objective of the Local Rules

The objectives of these SYABR Local Rules are to meet requirements of Babe Ruth Baseball and to state, amplify, and clarify administrative regulations and procedures and playing rules necessary to conduct the supervised Babe Ruth Baseball Program within the League boundaries.

  1. Recommendations for Change

Any person associated with SYABR in any capacity may recommend changes to these local rules. Recommendations for change should be addressed to the BOD and provided in writing. While changes are considered throughout the year, the BOD attempts to finalize all changes for an upcoming calendar year prior to the start of the year.

  2. National Guidance

The Babe Ruth League, Inc. Rules and Regulations, which are issued and copyrighted by Babe Ruth League, Inc., shall govern the supervised program activities of the SYA Babe Ruth.

  1. Precedence of Regulations and Rules

2.2.1. The SYABR BOD can adopt local rules as permitted by Babe Ruth Baseball. These Local Rules shall apply for the scheduled spring and fall seasons of play of the SYABR, as defined herein. The Babe Ruth Baseball Rules and Regulations have precedence over the Local Rules, if there is a conflict.

2.2.2. For official spring post season tournament play sponsored by Babe Ruth Baseball, only the Babe Ruth Baseball Rules and Regulations shall be followed.

2.2.3. For this season, additional rules and regulation are in place to deal with the pandemic. See the current SYA Return to Play Guidelines and other related material posted on our web site for the details. These override all other rules and regulations and will change as circumstances change.

  1. Volunteer Awards

On a yearly basis SYA Sports recognizes those volunteers who have put forth the extra effort in their support of SYA. SYABR participates in this event with the BOD selecting, discussing, and voting on nominees. Nominees come from the general SYABR membership. Past recipients are listed in Appendix C. The BOD shall identify criteria prior to discussion for the determination of award winners.

  1. Selection of a Scorekeeper and Pitch Counter

The Team Manager shall identify a scorekeeper and pitch counter. The managers of each team shall agree on one person to be the official pitch counter. If the managers do not agree, the pitch counter for the home team shall be the official pitch counter. The home team scorekeeper shall be the "official" scorekeeper for each game and his/her decision shall be final and binding.

The official scorekeeper may keep the game time, and, if requested by the Umpire-in-Chief, provide game time information. The official scorekeeper shall ensure that each umpire signs the official scorebook if the game is postponed, protested, or suspended.

In the event of a scorebook being kept by electronic means, the umpire shall take a picture of the current status of the game at time of postponement, protest, or suspension and provide this to the Board’s Chief Umpire. All scorekeepers should list the umpires' names for all games in their scorebook.

  1. Field and Grounds Maintenance

Under normal playing conditions, the home team shall prepare the field for play and the visiting team shall rake/drag the field after the game is over and pick up any trash on the playing field to prepare it for the next game. Each team shall be responsible for cleaning out its dugout and adjacent area outside the fence and properly disposing of trash on its side of the field. If field conditions warrant, because of weather or other issues, both teams shall work to prepare the field for play.

  1. Batting Cages

On weeknights, the two teams scheduled to play a game have priority use of the batting cages. If two games are scheduled, the cage(s) will be shared in 4 equitable time slots for each team, approximately 15 minutes each. The same procedure applies for weekend use. Teams, coaches, shall be considerate of teams waiting to use the cage(s) and the time remaining before scheduled start of games.

  1. Batting Practice

Pitched batting practice on playing fields is permitted in pre-game activities, but must conclude 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. When teams hold scheduled practices on playing fields, catchers shall be used for all pitched batting practice. No batting practice shall be conducted against any backstop or fence on any field at any time. No short toss or soft toss shall be allowed against any fence at any field at any time using regular baseballs/softballs; however, whiffle balls, or a similar type of plastic ball may be used.

  2. SafeSport

Because child abuse reporting laws vary from state to state, a Federal law was enacted which established a nationwide standard duty to report suspected child abuse. The “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act of 2017” mandates that all amateur sports organizations, which participate in an interstate or international amateur athletic competition and whose membership includes any adult who is in regular contact with an amateur athlete who is a minor must report suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, within 24 hours to law enforcement. An individual who is required, but fails, to report suspected child sexual abuse is subject to criminal penalties. If an individual suspects a case of abuse within their league, they should report it to the appropriate child services organization and/or local law enforcement as well as, their League President.

  1. Background Checks

Babe Ruth League requires all managers, coaches, and volunteers with consistent active engagement with players to register with our National Athletic Safety Program for Background Checks and Abuse Prevention Training. Babe Ruth League, Inc. chartered leagues are required to conduct a nationwide background check on all managers, coaches, Board of Directors, and any other persons, volunteers, or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players. Once a volunteer has successfully completed the background check, it is valid for a two (2) year period from the date of completion. Details on the background check process can be found here:

  1. Manager's Responsibility

Any player or coach or adult umpire suspected of having a concussion is deemed “done for the day” and shall be removed from the game or practice immediately. This decision should be made by the manager but may also be made by the adult umpire or a board member or a licensed medical professional in attendance.

  1. Unsafe Conditions

3.4.1. All members of SYABR have an inherent responsibility to assist in eliminating unsafe conditions within the supervised program. It is the specific responsibility of the game Umpire-in-Chief to verify that all playing equipment and the playing field itself are suitable and safe for play before starting a game. Managers, coaches, and parents may assist the Umpire-in-Chief in performing specific inspections of team equipment, properly marking the field, and inspecting the game site including spectator seating areas to assist in eliminating unsafe conditions.

3.4.2. It is the responsibility of the Umpire-in-Chief to determine when a game in progress should be suspended due to unsafe playing conditions, such as slippery footing, insufficient light, lightning or thunder, or other hazardous conditions. When a game has been suspended because of lightning or thunder, the game shall not be resumed until at least 30 minutes have passed without more lightning strikes being sighted or thunder heard. With thunder or lightning, all players, volunteers, and spectators must vacate the field area for indoor facilities or into automobiles for safety and remain there until at least 30 minutes have passed as noted above. Teams will be given ample time to warm-up prior to resuming play.

3.4.3. If one game at a facility has been suspended due thunder/lightening, all games at that facility shall be suspended. Games or practices may continue after waiting the appropriate amount of time as noted in 3.4.2.

  1. Team Responsibilities

3.5.1. All teams shall emphasize safety in practice and scheduled play. Parents are encouraged to assist in this emphasis.

3.5.2. In the event of weather and/or field condition problems, both teams are responsible for adhering to safety decisions and for trying to make the field playable, if possible. However, if the game cannot be started within time limits established, the game shall not be played but shall be referred to the Scheduling Coordinator.

  2. Registration

All players shall be registered with SYA Babe Ruth. Each parent shall provide an original birth record or suitable proof of age documentation upon request to verify the league age of any player.

  1. Opportunity to Play

It is the intent of SYABR that any child who desires and qualifies by age shall be given the opportunity to participate in the supervised program and shall be placed, as accurately as possible, in the level of play which most nearly matches his/her age and/or ability. However, should any outstanding fees be owed to SYABR, this player will not be assigned to any team until such fees have been resolved whether through payment or agreement with the League President. Additionally, the required concussion training for parent/player must be completed before any player can be assigned to a team. Information on this training can be found on the registration form.

  1. Waiting List

SYABR is determined to have every child that registers play on a team. If someone registers after teams are formed that child will be placed on a team on a space available basis. A waiting list, if necessary, will be maintained by the BOD member.

  2. Manager Evaluation

5.1.1. The SYABR BOD shall implement a Manager/Coach evaluation process. The process shall consist of a Manager/Coach Evaluation form. This form shall be approved by the Board and posted on the SYABR website. Parents/guardians shall be encouraged to complete the form for team Managers and/or Coaches at the conclusion of each season.

5.1.2. Manager must be an adult, at least 18 years of age.

5.1.3. Parents/guardians must identify themselves on the evaluation forms, but their identity, upon request, will be redacted from the form whenever the evaluation is shared with a manager, coach, interview panel or Board member. Only the President and Vice President shall have access to the forms with parent/guardian identities included. Every effort will be made to keep parent/guardian names confidential where requested.

5.1.4. The completed evaluation forms shall be made available, upon request, to the Managers and Coaches that are evaluated on the forms. Managers and Coaches are encouraged to review the evaluations after every season.

5.1.5. Interview Panels, in recommending managerial candidates and the BOD, in approving managerial candidates, shall consider Manager/Coach evaluation forms.

5.1.6. In considering the Manager/Coach evaluation forms, care should be given in assigning weight to the comments received. Thus, for example, bad comments should be weighed against good comments. If the good comment(s) substantially outweigh the bad, an interview panel might choose, after appropriate questioning, to assign lesser weight to the bad comment(s).

5.1.7. The BOD may also consider implementing an in-season evaluation program of managers and coaches. A Manager Committee made up from volunteers from the SYA membership, as defined in the SYA Babe Ruth Constitution, would attend games and practices to ensure all volunteers are abided by the spirit of these rules and regulations.

5.1.8. Completed evaluation forms in whole or in part, shall not be released beyond the authorized releases cited in this section.

  1. Candidate List

5.2.1. Selection of managers is a critical to the integrity of SYA BR. The emphasis must always remain to select the best candidates that will reinforce the goals, objectives, and philosophy of Babe Ruth Baseball. The process of selecting managers is and should be competitive. SYA is committed to instituting a formal procedure that contains both objective criteria and subjective evaluations. The following procedures govern candidates.

5.2.2. The Vice President is responsible for compiling a list of candidates that have registered with SYABR and who wish to be considered for a managerial position. The Vice President should compile the list by playing division.

5.2.3. Each managerial candidate will be selected through an interview process. The Vice President, in conjunction with the Board, may waive the interview process if the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of open positions and all candidates have previously managed within SYA and attended previously offered Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) or similar training. The Vice President will select the interview panel unless the League VP wishes to be considered for a managerial position. If that is the case, the Board will select the interview panel or designate a league representative to fill that role. The panel will be comprised of no less than 3 people and shall consist of an odd number of members and selected from among the members in good standing with SYABR. The panel may have at least 2 members with prior coaching experience at any level and at least one board member who is not affiliated with the respective division. The Board will provide a representative to observe the proceedings. The observer is a non-voting member of the panel. The same panel members must interview all manager candidates for a single division. Multiple panels may be used as long as one panel interviews all candidates for a single division.

5.2.4. The Vice President will facilitate the schedule of candidates for interviews. The BOD will develop a list of questions that all candidates must have an opportunity to answer. At times additional questions should be asked if the BOD has raised any issues or if the panel has identified issues from the Manager/Coach evaluations.

  1. Ranking and Evaluating Candidates

5.3.1. Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

On the interview panel’s decision that the candidate is qualified to manage at a particular playing level, considering the following elements:

· Good Sportsmanship and the ability to teach players the same;

· Desire and ability to develop skills in all players;

· Knowledge of baseball rules and strategy;

· Ability to organize practice sessions to maximize instruction;

· Availability for all/nearly all games and practices;

· Attendance at prior mandatory training (e.g. PCA, Safety)

· Whether the candidate is also a manager, or candidate for manager of another managerial job at a different division. If other qualified candidates exist to manage at the division being considered, the candidate may be asked to remove his/her name from consideration at those other divisions in order to remain a candidate for the division being considered;

· Interpersonal skills that foster a positive relationship with team parents, umpires and opposing players and managers;

· Prior experience managing and coaching baseball on all levels;

· Playing experience at High School, College or Professional level; and

· The desire to improve one’s coaching skills by attending Baseball clinics, camps and seminars.

· For All Star manager selections only, the selection committee will seek parent input.

On consideration of any incidents involving the candidate for which the candidate received an official reprimand or other punishment, and on a consideration of comments received in the Manager/Coach evaluation process.

Additionally, each candidate should be evaluated on their prior fulfillment of coaching obligations noted in the SOP and other league functions (i.e. Volunteering).

No manager has tenure. All managers are re-evaluated before every season.

5.3.2. The interview panel will rank all candidates and present the list to the BOD for review and approval. The panel may assign whatever weight they deem appropriate to each of the factors listed above in ranking the candidates. At times the candidates are very close in qualifications and some form of “tie-breaker” must be utilized to rank candidates. The BOD will offer advice to the interview panels on how to handle this circumstance prior to the start of the process. All candidates must be ranked in order, with 1 being the highest.

5.3.3. The interviewing panel presents its slate of managers to the BOD for review. At least one panel member shall attend the Board meeting where the candidates are considered to represent the panel’s recommendation. All panel members are encouraged to attend the Board meeting where candidates are considered to participate in the discussion. The Board will ask any pertinent questions and vote to approve or reject the list or portions of the list. In voting to accept or reject managerial candidates, the Board will consider the criteria noted above. Where sufficient qualified candidates exist to manage at each division, the Board may require a candidate for multiple managerial positions at the different divisions to remove his/her name as a candidate for another position or positions as a condition of being appointed manager at the level under consideration. An approved, ranked slate of managers shall result.

5.3.4. Both the interviewing panel and the BOD will keep all discussions on candidates confidential. Failure to do so will result in sanctions as determined by the BOD.

  1. Candidate Notification

The Vice President will notify all candidates after the BOD has voted to approve the manager slate. It is important that candidates that were selected are notified first to confirm that they still want the job.


6.1.1. Managers are responsible for the personal conduct of all players, parents and spectators of their team. Managers, coaches and players shall ensure participants, parents and other spectators to demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect the decision of umpires and SYA Officials. Negative/derogatory comments toward any player, manager, coach, fan, umpire or other person are prohibited at all times. This includes chanting or any other organized "noise" while a pitcher is on the mound with the ball.

6.1.2. In the event of any disruptive or inappropriate behavior by anyone at the game field which affects the game, the Umpire-in-Chief may temporarily suspend the game and request the manager of the team (s) involved to correct the situation; the game shall remain so suspended until the situation is corrected. If the situation cannot be resolved, the Umpire-in-Chief shall suspend the game.

6.1.3. Upon suspension of the game, the Umpire-in-Chief shall notify the Vice President of the specifics of the situation; the Vice President shall notify the BOD in a timely manner, but not more than 48 hours after the incident.

6.1.4. The BOD shall take action to address the problems as appropriate. This action may include forfeiture of the suspended game by the offending team and restriction of players, managers, coaches, members, spectators, or guests from the playing field complexes of SYA. All actions must be in writing and recorded in the minutes of the next SYABR BOD meeting.

6.1.5. Ejection of Participants. Babe Ruth Baseball Rules and Regulations are in effect.


Complaints concerning League volunteers and players will be considered if the following procedures are adhered to:

a. The complaint must be in writing and provide sufficient detail (i.e. time and place of incident, nature of complaint, etc.) so that SYABR can address the issue. The complaint must be submitted to the President or Vice President (note: if any of the League officials are the subject of the complaint, that individual is prohibited from involvement in the fact-finding portion of this process). Upon receipt, acknowledgement must be sent to the individual within 5 calendar days. It shall be sufficient for the complaint to be communicated via e-mail.

b. The President and Vice President will follow up on the formal complaint and draft a memo outlining the results of that fact finding. The Vice President shall then contact the volunteer or player in question and discuss the complaint (Note: If the complaint is on an Assistant Coach or parent of a player, the team’s manager must be contacted as the process begins. If the complaint is against a player, the then player’s parents will be involved in the process.).

c. After discussing the complaint with the person in question, the Vice President will file a memo for the BOD. The BOD encourages the respective League officials to handle league issues. If the complaint is considered to be serious enough for Board action, or the league officials do not agree on the solution, the Vice President must present the complaint and the accompanying memos to the Board. The complaint report must include; nature of complaint, the results of league fact-finding, summary of discussion with the volunteer in question and either the disposition of the case by the league officials or the recommendations of the league to the Board.

d. In all cases, the Vice President must respond in writing to the individual that filed the complaint and provide status/disposition of their complaint. Final disposition of all complaints will be reported to the Board in summary form and retained in the league files for a period of at least two years or four seasons, whichever is longer.

The BOD will communicate the complaint process and the potential sanctions to every player, parent, and volunteer at time of registration through this SOP. This SOP will be published on the SYA Babe Ruth website.


To support the goal of the SYA Babe Ruth Baseball, modifications to selected Babe Ruth Baseball Rules and Regulations below in this section are adopted for the supervised program.

SYA Babe Ruth Baseball will adhere to the home team “Local Playing Rules”.  These local rules were agreed upon each season by all the leagues playing, that all leagues will adhere to the home team league’s local playing and presiding rules.

SYA House Rules are: we adhere to the Babe Ruth Rules for Baseball, with the exception of the following:

· SYA has a 5-run rule during home games, with the unlimited runs in the last official inning, this allows for more innings to be played

· SYA bats everyone, continuous line-up

· SYA has a 2-hour time limit

During the Home Plate meeting, Home Team will address these to the Umpires and Visiting Team Manager as well as go over the ground rules for the field and any agreed upon rules for the game, i.e. one warning for balk during Fall season and the being of the Spring season, courtesy runners and any obstructions that maybe on the field of play, i.e. the portable backstop at Centreville High School, gates not latching properly, holes under the fence and so forth.

SYA Tournament rules are strictly by Babe Ruth Rules for Tournament baseball, no exceptions unless approved by the District/State/Regional Director of the Tournament participating in.


As many of the fields that SYABR plays on, we do not have control over. There may be other agreed upon rules for these fields or with teams/leagues that we are playing against. The below are specifically designated for fields that SYABR controls.

  1. Pre-Game Time Limits

All games shall begin as close as possible to their scheduled time. In all situations, pre-game practice activities on the game field shall be completed by 5 minutes before the scheduled game start time so that the umpires can conduct the plate conference with the managers and team captains. The following limits shall be applicable to pre-game activity if the scheduled starting time of the game will not be affected.

9.1.1 Normal situation:  The visiting team may have the entire field for 15 minutes for infield/outfield practice beginning 35 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. The home team may have the entire field for 15 minutes for infield/outfield practice beginning 20 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.

9.1.2 Reduced warm-up time:  If 15 to 35 minutes are available for pre-game activities on the game field, the participating teams shall split the available time equally, with the visiting team taking the entire field first.

9.1.3 No warm-up time on the infield is available:  In the event fewer than 15 minutes are available for pre-game activities based on the scheduled game start time, pre-game warm-ups for both teams on the game field are limited to the outfield area and no infield practice shall be taken.

9.1.4 Pitched batting practice is allowed on game fields. It must be completed 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game. Pre-game activities commence 35 minutes before the scheduled game time. If batting practice is conducted on a game field it must be done on a not to interfere basis with game field preparation (lining, raking infield etc…). See Local Rule 2.6 for batting cage etiquette.

9.1.5 Pre-game (including scrimmages) warm up (hitting, throwing, etc) for players may not begin more than 75 minutes prior to scheduled start time of a game.

  1. Delayed Games

9.2.1 On fields scheduled for multiple games on a specific day, any game delayed beyond 60 minutes of the scheduled starting time due to inclement weather or field conditions shall be postponed and rescheduled on another date or moved to the end of the day, if possible. The remainder of the games scheduled for that date shall be played according to schedule. The last game scheduled on any day may be started up to one (1) hour later than the scheduled starting time with the concurrence of both managers, provided sufficient time is available to play a regulation game.

9.2.2 On fields where only a single game is scheduled on a specific day, any game delayed beyond one (1) hour of the scheduled starting time due to inclement weather or field conditions shall be postponed and rescheduled on another date.

  1. Postponed Games

9.3.1 In the event of game postponement, the home team manager shall notify the Scheduling Coordinator and Vice President for rescheduling. This notification shall be done the same day the postponement occurred to permit timely rescheduling for the next available playing opportunity.

9.3.2 Rescheduling shall try to avoid any team having to play games on three consecutive days. This may not be feasible towards the end of the season.

9.3.3 The BOD upon advice of available Vice Presidents or field chief may postpone a portion of, or an entire day's playing schedule, if required, to maintain field condition and permit timely notification of players, managers, and umpires.

  1. Suspended Games

Babe Ruth rules govern the status of all games called before they have become a regulation game.

  1. Schedule Deviations

Managers shall not deviate from the official published schedule of games. All rescheduling of games shall be done by the Master Scheduler. Any game played at a time, or on a field, not scheduled with prior approval by the Master Scheduler shall not be considered an official game and shall be replayed.

  1. Rainout Policy

In the event of weather or potential poor field conditions, the field chief or other volunteers will check fields by 4PM on weekdays in question, 7AM on weekends:

· If the fields are determined unplayable, the Vice President will be contacted to post updates to the SYA Babe Ruth website on field status. Managers should be contacted as soon as possible in these situations.

· “Heroic” efforts to make fields playable should not be attempted unless approved by the SYA Babe Ruth President and Vice President.

If field conditions prevent scheduled games from being played, team managers shall contact the Vice President, who shall in turn contact the Master Scheduler with games to be made up.

There is a potential that games may be scheduled for later in the day either at the original or alternate location. Should this situation occur the Master Scheduler will work with the involved managers as early as possible to schedule.

When the games have been rescheduled, the Master Scheduler shall contact the Vice President with updates, to update the appropriate websites

If games are not called prior to 4:30PM on weekdays, 7:30AM on weekends, teams are expected to show at their respective fields for the game. League officials and team managers have the responsibility for field playability up to scheduled game time. Once scheduled game time has been reached, only the umpire-in-chief for the game may postpone a game due to weather or field conditions.

Rained out games in the Fall are not typically rescheduled and will be handled on a case by case basis.

Exception: County Park field status is determined by Fairfax County and is posted to Look for Athletic Field Closures. Should the field in question be closed, team managers should contact the opposing team manager and their Vice President. ECL #6 and the LLV 90’ (Patriot Park North) field are County Park Fields.

  1. All Star Tournament Teams

At the end of each regular season, SYABR participates in the Babe Ruth Baseball sponsored All Star Tournaments. The Teams are comprised of appropriate age level players from each of our Divisions. The levels of play may include:

13U year old All Stars

14U year old All Stars

13-15 year old All Stars

16-18 year old All Stars

The Babe Ruth sponsored tournament teams begin with competition against District 7 Babe Ruth opponents until elimination. The winning team is eligible to continue on to the state tournament, regional tournament, and World Series levels.

  1. Tournament Team Managers and Coaches

The All Star Team managers shall be selected following the Manager Selection Process set forth in Section. Each manager recommended by the League Interview Committee will be presented to the Board of Directors by the Vice President (or other Interview Committee member if the Vice President is a candidate). The Board will then vote to accept the candidate recommended by the committee, select an alternative candidate, or ask for further candidate interviews and recommendations. After Manager approval, the designated All Star or Tournament Team Manager shall recommend to the Board of Directors the names of three (3) coaches for the tournament team. If the Board of Directors does not approve of the Team Manager’s recommended coach(es), it may approve an alternate coach or coaches. It is important to note that all managers and coaches must understand the time commitment necessary to prepare a team for competition.

  1. Tournament Team Selection Process

On a pre-defined date, each manager will nominate any All-Star caliber players from their team for each respective age group. In the event that either a team's manager or designated coach cannot be present, players can be nominated by manager via e-mail to the All-Star committee prior to the nomination/vote. Note: Each manager is responsible for contacting the parents of each of their nominations, on their team or other teams, prior to the nomination to get a verbal commitment that they will adhere to the 75% minimum attendance requirement of all practices and 100% requirement of all games during All-Star preparation/play. If a commitment is not achieved prior to the selection process that player will be deemed ineligible. Once the names have been presented and confirmed, the Tournament managers will meet to vote for any eligible players to be placed on the team. The Tournament managers are required to select players one through either 12 or 15 players of each All-Star team, 15 is the most players a team have on their roster. The 16-18 Tournament team may carry up to 18 players. If at any point a player that is contacted to represent an All-Star team declines to commit to that team, that player is then deemed ineligible to play on any other All-Star team that year and a replacement player can be selected by the Tournament manager of that team.

  1. Finances

All Star teams are responsible for uniform acquisition, to include shirts, hat, pants, etc. unless otherwise directed by the Board of Directors. All uniforms must have “SYA” as a prominent feature of their uniform and for the baseball teams.

SYABR provides the “Gate Fee” which is collected as part of the uniform costs of the All-Star Tournament Teams. This replaces local fees for entrance, parking, etc.  All Star teams are permitted to raise funds for their specific team, however sponsorships and fundraising shall be in accordance with current Babe Ruth Baseball guidelines and SYA provisions, to include:

· All fundraising activities should have approval of the Board.

· Fundraising activities will comply with all relevant laws.

· Communications regarding the fundraising activity shall clearly identify the league, be accurate and non-deceptive.

· Fundraising activity should not occur if it will expose the league to financial risk.

· Fundraising activity should not occur if it may be detrimental to the good name or community standing of the league.

All monies collected from sponsors, or a fundraiser will be deposited with the SYA Babe Ruth Treasurer. Funds will only be disbursed to cover expenses that have an original receipt. Any questions on this process shall be directed to the SYABR President or Treasurer.



Appendix A: League Boundaries

SYA Babe Ruth Baseball Boundary

Starting at the intersection of Braddock Road (Rt. 620) and the Fairfax County line

1. Follow an imaginary line due east through the intersection of Lee Road and Willard Road to Rt 28

2. Follow Rt 28 south on Sully Road to I-66

3. Follow I-66 east to West Ox Road

4. Follow West Ox Rd north to Rt. 50

5. Follow Rt. 50 east to I-66

6. Follow I-66 east to Blake Lane

7. Follow Blake Lane south to Rt. 50

8. Follow Rt. 50 east to Prosperity Ave.

9. Follow Prosperity Ave. south to Rt. 236

10. Follow Rt. 236 west to Guinea Road

11. Follow Guinea Road south to Braddock Road

12. Follow Braddock Road east to Burke Lake Road

13. Follow Burke Lake Road south to Ox Road

14. Follow Ox Road south to Henderson Road

15. Follow Henderson Road south to the intersection of Wolf Run Shoals Road

16. Follow from this intersection an imaginary line south to the Occoquan River

17. Follow the Occoquan River and Bull Run Creek west to the Loudoun County/Fairfax County line

18. Follow this intersection north to starting point.

In Loudoun County, start at the Fairfax County line at Route 50

1. Follow Rt. 50 north to the intersection of Route 15

2. Follow Route 15 west (south) to the Prince William County line

3. Follow this intersection until it meets the Fairfax County line.

Includes the following High Schools as well as the middle schools that feed them:

1. Centreville HS

2. Woodson HS

3. Paul VI HS

4. Mountain View HS

5. Westfield HS

6. Robinson HS

7. Champe HS

8. Fairfax HS

9. Trinity Christian

10. Freedom-South Riding HS



Appendix B: SYA Babe Ruth Post Season History

13U Baseball

2011 District Champions

2019 District Champions

14U Baseball

2016 District Champions

2016 State Champions

2017 14U District Champions

2017 14U State Champions

2017 14U 3rd Place World Series

2019 District Champions

13-15 Baseball

2019 13-15 District Champions

16-18 Baseball

2011 16-18 District Champions

2012 16-18 District Champions

2012 16-18 State Runner-up

2013 16-18 District Champions

2013 16-18 State Champions

2014 16-18 District Champions

2014 16-18 State Champions

2015 16-18 District Champions

2015 16-18 State Champions

2015 16-18 3rd Place World Series

2016 16-18 District Champions

2016 16-18 State Champions

2018 16-18 District Champions

2018 16-18 State Champions

2018 16-18 Runner up Southeastern Regional

2019 16-18 District Champions

2019 16-18 State Champions

2019 16-18 Runner up Southeastern Regional



Appendix C: SYA Babe Ruth Volunteers of the Year

2021 –  TBD

2020 –  TBD

2019 – Bruce Thayer, Tony Himelright

2018 – Elizabeth Drake, Brian Seeley, Tony Himelright

2017 – Patrick Thurston, Dave Miller, Steve Shaffer

2016 – John Pyzdrowski, Bill Dowd, Mark Kaczmarek

2015 – Dan Martin, John Pyzdrowski, Tony Himelright

2014 –Dan Huff, Bruce Thayer, Mike Stein

2013 - Kevin Brooks, Tony Himelright, Mike Stein


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