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SYA Basketball serves over 2,400 players on 240 teams in winter and summer seasons.

We are blessed with a mix of long-serving and new volunteers. And we are always looking for energetic and helpful members of the community to join us.

Any questions about Travel Basketball should be directed to Josh Purdy (SYA Basketball President).

Travel Basketball Executive Board

President Josh Purdy
Basketball Website Curator Michael Gregory

Travel Coaches Summer 2022 Contacts

If you have any questions about Travel Basketball you can email Travel Coaches directly

Coaches listed below are the D1 Coaches.  Coaches for a second team in each age group will be posted after travel tryouts.

Grade Coach Email
Girls 5th Grade  Mallory Trullender

Girls 6th Grade  Izzy Johnson

Girls 7th Grade

Wes Henryhand/Sean Smith


Girls 8th Grade  Alice Anderson

Grade Coach Email
Boys 5th Grade  Derrick Ball

Boys 6th Grade  Josh Purdy

Boys 7th Grade 

Jonathan Sorg

Boys 8th Grade  Philip Livingston

Travel Basketball Executive Board


Executive Board Name Email
President Josh Purdy
Basketball Website Curator Michael Gregory


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