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After watching literally thousands of games over the years, we developed this guide as an objective way for a player or parent to evaluate a game! By answering these questions you will be able to see if you moved with a purpose, played with intensity, and were focused in your game.


1. Did you run the floor? Did you move constantly without the ball or did you stand and watch?
2. Did you get open by changing speeds and making contact?
3. Did you attack the basket and go “North/South?”
4. Did you play defense with your feet and torso and use your arms to funnel or did you play with your hands?
5. Did you play smart? No stupid fouls?
6. Did you play good defense on the opponent’s best shooter? Were you aware of their location on the court at all times?
7. Did you keep your arms up at shoulder height on defense?
8. Did you make the other team foul you and get to the free throw line at least 6 times? Did you get into the bonus early in the game? Was your defender in foul trouble?
9. Did you box out (put a body on someone and push back) and crash the boards on the weak side? Did you attempt to grab the rebound on each shot? Did you move on the release or when the ball hit the rim?
10. Did you make things happen or let things happen?
11. Did you pressure the ball, contest the passing lanes, contest the shot, and play good help side defense?
12. Did you pass the ball quickly and create shots for your teammates?
13. Did you limit your number of unforced errors?
14. Were you always aware of the time and score?
15. Are you proud of your effort? Did you leave it all on the floor?


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