Extreme Competition Cheer Policies

EXTREME POLICIES:  Detailed program policies will be provided to all SYA Extreme Competition Cheer Team Members upon placement onto a competitive cheer team.

WAIVERS:  Athletes are required to have an SYA Extreme Competition Cheer Lifetime Waiver on file at our gym facility. To print the form, please select:  SYA Extreme Competition Cheer Lifetime Waiver  

Athletes are also required to sign a COVID-19 Waiver.  This waiver will be filled out during the registration process for SYA Sideline Cheer and/or SYA Extreme Competition Cheer Evaluations/Acceptance.  If an athlete does not register through one of our databases, a signed, hardcopy form must be on file our our gym facility.  Please select the appropriate form to complete if you are not registered in one of our databases and bring with you to our gym facility:

COVID-19 Waiver Under the Age of 18            COVID-18 Waiver Over the Age of 18

EXTREME COMPETITION CHEER EVALUATION APPLICATION:  Athletes must have an Extreme Competition Cheer Evaluation Applicant on file at the gym.  Please complete this form and hand in at the gym or email to Tammy McCarron at xtremecheersya@gmail.com.  To complete, please select:  Extreme Competition Cheer Evaluation Application


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