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SYA cheerleading is open to boys and girls ages 5-18. Cheer Team placements will be made at the end of July/early August. We will try to honor special requests, however, to ensure the safety and development of our cheer teams, we cannot guarantee that boys and girls will follow their sibling’s football team. In addition, cheerleaders will only be placed on teams with siblings (i.e., cheerleading or football) that are within two years age difference and are at similar skill levels.

Fall Sideline Cheerleading begins the first week of August and ends in mid-November. Every cheer team will have a different practice day(s) throughout the week. Practice days, time, and location will be determined by SYA coaches.

Cheer Teams will be scheduled to:

  • Cheer regular season football games typically played on Saturdays (August-October);
  • Cheer for playoff and championship games (November);
  • Participate in SYA Cheerleading Night at Centreville High School and Westfield High School;
  • Participate in special events such as Homecoming Parades, VHSL Regional Cheer Competition, etc.



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