SYA Cheerleading Attendance Policy

SYA Cheerleaders are expected to attend practices, games, and performances. Valid reasons for missing practice are:

· Contagious Illness / Injury

· Death in Family

· Mandatory School Function that is for a GRADE such as Band / Choir Concert / Testing, etc.

A practice missed by athletes has a detrimental effect on the entire team. Please do not use practice time as a method of punishment. It is the team that suffers as a result. We do not intend to dismiss the expectation that your athlete needs to be responsible in all aspects of their life. SYA Cheer believes that all athletes need to perform well in school and to behave at home. SYA Cheer is asking that this consideration to be given in the best interest of the team. Please contact any SYA Cheer coach should problems arise.

SYA Cheer Coaches will try to notify team members of extra practices in a timely manner. Team members will be notified of scheduled performance times as soon as the information is made available.

Athletes should notify their coach via email, phone, and/or text at least one (1) hour prior to the expected absence. You are expected to be at practices, games, and/or performances, unless you are injured and/or suffering from a contagious illness. 


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