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Role Name Contact Information
Commissioner Tammy McCarron
Extreme Competitive Cheer Coaches

Rebecca Cole and Margaret Carmichael – Extreme Tornado (Mini Level 1)

Kylie Krites, Caroleann Jones, and Jennifer Johnson  – Extreme Lightning (Youth Level 1)

Betsy Scott, Heather Diesel, Joe Busicchia, and Virginia Anderson – Extreme Hurricane (Junior Level 2) / Extreme Cyclone (Junior Level 3)

Alexa Wodack, Donna Preski, and Tammy McCarron – Extreme Storm (Senior Level 2)

Tammy McCarron, Meghan Eyerman, David Glassmyer, and Rebecca Glassmyer - Extreme Thunder (Senior Level 3) / Extreme Black Ice (Senior Level 4)

Requests for information should be sent to Tammy McCarron
Quartermaster (Uniforms) Betsy Scott betsyscott83@gmailcom
Fundraising Maggie Carmichael
Gym Facility (SYA Atmosphere) Oversight Joe Busicchia


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