SYA Cheerleading Dedication Level

Full participation is expected from all members of a Cheer Team as cheerleading involves routines and stunting. Regular attendance at practices and games is necessary as making last minute changes has a negative impact on the team and the program. Cheerleaders work very hard at practice and practice is where they learn to trust and count on each other. Competition cheer routines have specific choreography and cannot be performed if someone is missing. Each cheerleader should be able to make the following commitment:

“I understand that Cheerleading is a commitment of my time and energy and I will make every effort to attend every game and practice. I will notify my coach in advance of any absence that is unavoidable. I am willing to dedicate myself to this sport during the season, and will do so in a positive and appropriate manner. I will support SYA and my team, and will be respectful to others at all times. I will abide by all guidelines and regulations at all SYA Cheerleading events and I understand that disciplinary action may be taken if my behavior is inappropriate or not to the standards set forth by SYA Cheerleading.”



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