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Welcome to the SYA Cricket Program. The first time a Northern Virginia Youth Association has offered the popular game of Cricket for the youth of this area.  


The cricket program aims on building on the basic skills and to get players comfortable with batting, bowling, and fielding.  The main focus is to have each of the players participate and enjoy the game. We hope the kids begin to love the sport and grow into it. Kids from the ages of 7 to 14 are welcome to join this program.

The program is divided into Recreational and Travel Sections. 

The Recreational version of the program is meant for girls and boys who have had no prior experience of cricket and would like to explore a new, fast paced sport. Format of the game has been adapted from the international T20 format. The adaptation is to ensure that all the children are able to participate and experience the game. The children play with a taped tennis ball and light bats to allow them a chance at experiencing the game without being encumbered by heavy protective gear. 

The teams meet twice a week at nearby fields. Once for practice and once for a game for about an hour

Please refer to the “Resources” Section of this website to review the adapted rules that we follow. 

The Travel version of the program is meant for players who may have more experience with Cricket. We participate in the tournaments organized by the MYCA - Maryland Youth Cricket Association and VYCA - Virginia Youth Cricket Association. This versions is closer to the international T20 format. Travel cricket is played with a Vynl ball in the U11 (Under 11 years of age) and with a seasoned leather ball in the U12 & U14 (Under 12 and Under 14 years of age). 

The teams meet over the weekend for games and practices. 

Please refer to the “Resources” Section of the website to review the MYCA playing conditions.

For common “How To” questions about cricket please refer to the “Resources” section of this website and look for the link to USA Cricket's website which contains interesting videos and articles. 

A few logistics regarding our program:
1) We practice on different surfaces. To keep everyone safe, please have your player wear long pants. While the players may get hot wearing long pants, it's better to be safe and hot than the alternative.
2) The players will get thirsty during and after practice so please ensure they have some form of hydration. Water is best, a sports drink works too.
3) Finally if dropping off and leaving, please make sure you are at the facility well before the end of practice to pick up your player.


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