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SYA has partnered with CYA for another "Lax 4 a Cause" event at Centreville High School. Teams from CYA, SYA, DullesSouth, and Herndon/Reston will scrimmage each other. All of our boys and girls from 4 to 14 will take advantage of this preseason game opportunity. The event will run all day Saturday, March 14th from 8am to 6pm.


The Centreville boosters will man the Snack Stand and provide food and drink. Fundraising is ongoing for both CYA and SYA. Both groups will continue raising funds for two separate charities. CYA has chosen Life with Cancer as their charity and SYA will support The American Boy Foundation. Our fundraising efforts will continue through April 2020.


This charity is important to us, as it has impacted our community. The Megale family has shared an excerpt with us about their foundation:


AMERICAN BOY was formed after the tragic death of our son to a heroin/fentanyl overdose.  He loved lacrosse, so in honor of his life, we have dedicated our efforts to helping young adults struggling by raising money for long term treatment scholarships.  We proudly have placed nine candidates in treatment after a few short months of launching our initiative, some from our area, and one lacrosse player.  We assist families seeking treatment for their loved one, and our youngest daughter Shea, wrote AMERICAN BOY, the Opioid Epidemic and the Sister Left Behind chronicling her observations of addiction and her close relationship and love of her brother.  This is a problem millions of families are struggling with, and as US Lacrosse magazine noted, the lacrosse community has a high prevalence of athletes struggling with opioid addiction.


On behalf of AMERICAN BOY, we thank you for granting us the honor of benefiting from your event.  Together, we may have just saved a life.


Visit us at: [http://www.americanboy%2Corg/]www.americanboy,org 





LAX FOR A CAUSE: 2019 Cancelled

For the last 5 years SYA and CYA lacrosse have joined forces and raised over $100,000 for 3 different charity organizations, Wounded Warrior, Fisher House Foundation and Special Love.  We could not have done this without the generous support of our corporate sponsors, community and our players and coaches.  

During the late planning stages of Lax4ACause 2019 CYA informed SYA that they decided to take a break from this year’s event.  We tried to find other clubs to participate but it was too late to make it work for this year.  SYA Lacrosse has started to search for additional clubs to partner with to make the 2020 Lax4ACause and even bigger event.

SYA Lacrosse still needs the help of our corporate sponsors for banner advertisement at ECL for the 2019 spring season.  These donations to SYA lacrosse provide better equipment, uniforms and coaching supplies for the 2019 spring season.  If you would like to have us hang your banner again this year, we are offering a discounted sponsorship rate for the spring.



SYA Lacrosse, CYA Lacrosse Join Forces to Host Fourth Annual Fundraising Event to Benefit Special Love and Children with Cancer;

Hope to Raise $20,000 for Special Love

Centreville, Virginia, March 17, 2018 – Following on the success of the past four years, Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) and Chantilly Youth Association (CYA), are joining forces to host the Fifth annual “LAX for a Cause” day of lacrosse. The eight-hour lacrosse event features dozens of lacrosse games and will be held March 17, 2018, at Centreville High School. The goal? Raise $20,000 to directly benefit Special Love and children with cancer.

In 2017 LAX for a Cause was recognized by the United States Congress for its charitable efforts on behalf of our nation’s veterans, wounded warriors, and children who are battling pediatric cancer.  One of our own SYA lady warriors is still battling cancer.  Last year it was Tatum Foster’s choice to select special love as our charity for 2017. Once we learned about special love and their camps and programs for children with cancer, we knew that with the help of our special lacrosse community the funds raised from Lax for a Cause could help special love continue to grow, helping more children fight this terrible disease.

 The lacrosse marathon will feature more than 20 teams – with players ages five and up – which will play at a different time slots throughout the day. Funds will be raised through both individual player and corporate sponsorships, as well as through concessions and t-shirt sales on the day of the event.

 Individuals and businesses are encouraged to sponsor our young players … and come out and enjoy a great day of lacrosse,” says SYA Lacrosse Vice Commissioner Scott Stewart. “We want to show our youth that they can be a powerful force for good – to benefit kids like them who are sick with a terrible disease.”

 SYA Lacrosse and CYA Lacrosse, are local, volunteer, non-profit youth sports organizations that serve the youth of Western Fairfax. Proceeds beyond the money raised for Special Love will be used to improve player safety through the purchase of updated equipment and gear. Funds raised also will help keep these sports programs accessible to every household in Western Fairfax by keeping registration costs low, as well as help subsidize the organizations’ free off-season training programs and clinics.

 More than 500 boys and girls are involved in these fast-growing community programs, which are dedicated to ensuring positive experiences – in a safe environment – for players of every skill level.

 SYA Lacrosse and CYA Lacrosse, need your support. Businesses and individuals can sponsor a designated team or player and help show the children of our community the importance of giving back, while making a difference in the lives of children with cancer who need a place like special love to escape their fight and be a kid again.

 For more information about “LAX for a Cause” and sponsorship opportunities, please visit

LAX For A Cause

Player and Team Fundraising

Individual player fundraisers will need to download the pledge forms and fund raising directions at below on this page.  There is also a pay pal link on this page you can give to donors make donating easy via credit card.

Corporate Sponsorship

Our success last year with Lax4ACause could not have been reached without the help of our corporate sponsors.  SYA Lacrosse thanks you for you generous support.  If you would like to be a corporate sponsor SYA lacrosse has the following sponsorship opportunities listed below.  Please contact Scott Stewart,if you are interested in a sponsorship.  CONTACT SCOTT

Banner Sponsorship: $500

SYA will make a banner with your approved artwork and hang the banner at Centreville High School the day of Lax4ACause as well as hang the banner on our new fence at ECL during every weekend of lacrosse games this spring.

T-Shirt Sponsorship – LAX4ACAUSE

Your company logo will be put on the back of the Lax4ACause t-shirts and the Lax4ACause banner.

Platinum – $500

Gold – $300

Silver – $150

Lax4ACause Player Donation
Your friends and family can donate by credit card here.

Use the pull down menu to select your donation amount. MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE PLAYERS NAME AND TEAM.  Make sure to mark PayPal on your pledge form so we can track your fundraising.

EXAMPLE: Dalton Stewart, U12A


Donation Amount
Player Name and Team





You can help make our fourth annual LAX for a Cause a big success! By getting donations from friends, family, neighbors and others in your community, we WILL make our goal for Special Love for children with cancer–and beyond.  Your goal is $100 in pledges.

The top five fundraising boys and girls will be recognized and rewarded with prizes from lacrosse companies like STX, Warrior, Cascade and others.

Prizes:  We are gathereing prizes from our lax sponsors and this year we hope to do more and better prizes for top fund raisers.

Teamwork Always Matters.

Once you are placed on a team, your individual efforts will be tallied with your teammates’ efforts. There will be prizes for the top 3 fundraising teams.


Here is a Sample Script you can use when speaking with prospective supporters.

“Hi my name is (YOUR NAME!!)  and I am playing in an all-day lacrosse game called ”Lax for a Cause” on March 18th.  Our goal is to raise over $10,000 for Special Love for children with cancer.  Can you help out with a small donation?  Please visit our website to watch a video about one of our own Warriors, Tatum, who was diagnosed with cancer last season.  We can except cash or a check made out to SYA lacrosse. We will be presenting a check to the Special Love on March 12th at the end of the day.  You are invited to attend the games that day.  It is going to be a fun day of playing lacrosse and giving back! You can get your tax deductible donation receipt on – Lax for a Cause. THANK YOU!”


1.         Download the Pledge Sheet and get donors to fill it out

2.         Download and print tax deductable pledge sheets for your doners.

3.         Collect your checks (made out to SYA lacrosse) and cash donations and put in an envelope.  If donors used PayPal link make sure they put your name and Age Group so you get credit for the donation.  For example, John Doe, U13LB.  If you don’t know your team yet just have your donors put your name in the paypal payment field when asked.

4.         Report how much you have raised to your coach at your first practice with your total amount.   Continue to fund raise until March 9th.  On March 11th your coach will need to get your pledge forms in an envelope along with your donations.  Write your name and team name on ther front of the envelope.  Example:  John Doe, U11 A






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