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This information will be updated as this applies to the old registration system.

Q: I’ve taken concussion training in the past.  How is this different? 
A: This is a new program and different than the concussion training you may have taken in previous seasons. SYA requires players (5 years of age and older) and ONE parent to complete concussion training through the INOVA system. This is an annual requirement by the organization. If a parent is coaching (or assisting) a team, they are required to take the Coach concussion training. This would count as parent training also, however the parent training does not count as the coach training.

Q: Is this a SYA Little League mandate? 
A:  This is mandated across all SYA sports, and is required by law in the state of Virginia for use any state field (schools, parks, etc) for the safety of all of the SYA players.  Refer to Concussion Awareness for more details.

Q: What if I don’t complete the training? 
A: Players and coaches that have not completed this training will not be assigned (or drafted) to teams and will not be able to participate until the concussion training requirements are completed. The league will send out reminders as we get closer to the start of the season with player pitch tryouts.

Q: How do I get credit for taking the concussion training with SYA?  
A: You must register on the INOVA website with the exact information as the SYA registration system.  When creating the Family Account, please select Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) as the organization of which you are a member, so that your Concussion Training is recorded and tracked properly by the system

For example, if at SYA a player is registered as “Bob”, that player must register in INOVA’s concussion system as “Bob”.  If they are registered as “Robert” in either system, the information will not match between the systems.

Note: when creating the family account select Southwestern Youth Association (SYA) as the organization of which you are a member, so that your Concussion training is recorded and tracked properly by our system. Be sure to register in the INOVA family account using the EXACT same first and last name and date of birth as you did in your SYA registration in order to be recognized in our system.

Q: I’m planning on coaching and have a player in the league.  Do I need to take the training multiple times? 
A: If you sign up with the INOVA concussion training as a coach, that training will count towards your family (parent) concussion training.  If you take the family/parent training first, you will still need to do the coaching concussion training.  So make sure to do the coaching training first if you have any desire to coach or assistant coach!

Q: Does my player have to take the training in addition to myself? 
A: Yes, all players 5 years old and older must take the training. For players younger than 5, only the parent must take the training.

Q: Can I combine the training I do with my child? 
A: No.  The family/parent and coach training must be done separately from the player training.

Q: Do all parents of a player need to sign up individually? 
A: No.  Only one parent is required to sign up and take the training for the family account.

Q: I’ve lost the link to the INOVA concussion site.  What is it? 
A: It should be in the SYA registration email, but to go directly to the INOVA family account concussion training dashboard at

Q: What do I do if I or my child took the training and SYA does not reflect that? 
A: Confirm in both systems the information and email SYA for assistance.  Please provide the names and dates of registration and training to help in tracking down information.

Q: How long is the training valid for and would it be valid across other SYA sports? 
A: SYA year runs from the Fall Season through the Summer Season. Concussion training is valid for the duration of that year. Training, whether if be parent, player, or coach, is valid across all SYA sports for that year – remember, names and date of birth must match exactly in all cases to have the completion marked.

SYA has a 24/7 concussion hotline (703-970-6427) that’s staffed specifically by a concussion team at all hours (nights and weekends included).  This is an all-in-one concussion number so it can be used for questions pertaining to the concussions in general, scheduling appointments, online education program, etc.  Just say you are with SYA.


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