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SYA Little League Softball Batting Cages

Please request batting cages at least 24 hours in advance.

Cages can be reserved for one or two hours by the head coach ONLY. Cages can be reserved by e-mail up to 10 days in advance and twice per week. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations will be confirmed by e-mail in addition to updating the online schedules below.

Batting cages are not included with the field scheduled for a practice or game. If you want to use a cage during a practice or before a game, reserve it in advance. No squatter’s rights.

Print your confirmation e-mail and take it with you to the batting cage as proof of your reservation. If the cage is in use during your reserved time, talk politely with the individual in a non-confrontational manner. Model good sportsmanship for the young players who will likely see and overhear your conversation. Please report unauthorized cage use to the SYA Secretary identifying the date, time, cage, and person or team who used the cage without a reservation.

Scroll down to see the individual batting cage schedules. Each schedule is a Google Calendar. Some visitors have complained that the calendars are blank. Google Calendars require your Web browser to have Javascript enabled and accept cookies. If a calendar appears to be blank, right click over the area where it should be displayed, and then click Refresh. This is an updating bug in Google Calendars.

To reserve a batting cage, please click below to submit a reservation:

Batting Cage Reservation Form

Colin Powell Elementary School has two batting cages. The tunnels are behind the school between the two softball fields. Tunnel #1 is the first tunnel you approach walking along on the paved path away from the school toward the woods; tunnel #2 is just to the right of tunnel #1. A team may reserve only one tunnel at a time.

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