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This site is dedicated to all the coaches who volunteer their time and energy to this program. We want you to succeed in your efforts to teach the game of fastpitch softball to your players. The articles referenced on this page are just a small part of the instructional materials that are available to you. Contact your league coordinator or any other softball board member to find out more. Also, please let us know if you would like any additional material included on this site.

Code of Conduct

Players and parents have a right to expect our coaches to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on our organization and all who participate. Our Code of Conduct reflects those high expectations.

Skill Coverage

It’s important to be organized for practices. Before you go to the field, have a good idea of how you want to run your practice and the skills you want to cover. Coach Fulcher’s article referenced to the right and the link to Practice Organization below can give you some ideas on organizing practices. Go to our Skill Coverage document for a handy tool to help you decide what skills to cover in practices and to keep track of the skills you’ve taught in past practices.

Fastpitch Videos

The Commissioner maintains a library of fastpitch videos that can be charged out. Call him or her for more information.

It’s very important to run a well-organized practice. This article on Practice Organization provides an overview of how to run a good practice. You only have the girls for a brief amount of time for practice. Get the most out of that time by preparing a practice plan and getting volunteers to help you run the drills that will sharpen your players’ skills.


We have lots of drills on our drills pages. Check them out. A great way to keep players excited about coming to practice is to change what you do from one day to the next. Spice things up with some games that are fun, but also help teach the fundamentals they will need to execute in a game.


All coaches must attend our coaching clinics. We will give you some help in setting up practices, understanding the rules, and learning more about pitching and hitting techniques. Check the Latest News for information on the dates and locations of our next clinic.

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