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Running Drills


Players pair up. Player 1 runs at full speed with player 2 running backwards, in front of her, applying resistance to her shoulders. Players run about 100 feet and then reverse positions. Continue until all players have performed drill at least four times.
Explosive Start #1 Players line up at first base. A pitcher performs her motion and, using a rocker start with right foot on outside corner of the base, the first player times her start to the pitcher’s motion. She should lift her back foot as the pitcher’s arm is at the top of her delivery. Repeat at least five times per player.
Explosive Start #2 Players line up along first base line and simulate the rocker start. On signal, players take three steps towards “2B” and turn to look at “batter.” After hesitation, during which players use a sidestep motion, they use crossover step to explode towards second base as the “batter” hits the ball or a passed ball occurs.
Ball Drop Runner is in rocker start position at a base. Coach is in basepath holding tennis ball at eye level. As the ball is dropped on a piece of flat wood, the runner leaves the base and attempts to catch the ball before it bounces off the wood a second time. Slowly increase the distance as players get quicker starts.
Out of the Box Batter stands in batter’s box to take a normal swing. Coach is in the basepath holding a tennis ball at eye level. As the bat enters the hitting zone, the coach drops the ball on a piece of flat wood and the player runs out of the box to catch the ball before it bounces a second time. The player should drive the right elbow back and outside the hip to initiate her running and she should drop the bat with the left hand.
3 – 2 – Running Form teams of two; place 3 balls equal distance apart about ¾ of the way from 3B to home. Place fielder on 3B (one foot on bag) and 2B (team 1). Have runner (team 2) at home (one foot on plate). On signal, runner runs to 1B then 2B. Player at 3B runs to balls and must throw all 3 to 2B before runner gets there to get 1 point; player at 2B must catch balls without foot leaving 2B. Otherwise, running team gets point. Rotate fielders for second runner. Then runners become fielders; next team becomes runners.

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