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Rugby has been the fastest growing team sport in the United States over the last five years.  Locally, the volunteer-run SYA Youth Rugby Program has steadily grown and has increased in player participation from 18 to 110 players in just 5 years & continues to grow!

The success of the SYA Youth Rugby program strives to ensure youth have sufficient equipment, a safe environment to play, and offer provide playing opportunities for all area youth. As a program, SYA Rugby raised over $4,710 through donations, fund-raising efforts, and sponsorships from generous donors to keep player costs reasonable.  This year, the greatest financial need includes uniform costs ($6,450) and tackle rings ($1,250), rugby balls ($480), and we have a long-term plan of goal posts and pads ($4,500).

We would like to enter a partnership with organizations to ensure youth have a safe and fun environment to play and give local businesses the opportunity to be involved with the community. Our latest fund-raising efforts include in-kind donations for raffle which has raised over $2,000 in services and merchandise.

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