Rugby in FCPS Schools

In preparation for the school year, FCPS PE teachers participated in rugby-based training during their in-service training to bring the great sport to their classrooms.  The PE teachers, representing elementary, middle, high school and special needs schools across the county, went through a series of fun, rugby-based activities that showed the progression of skills development and gave them an idea of which activities to incorporate in their curriculum. Each activity encourages children to develop new abilities (underhand passing, catching, running, evasion, etc) that enhance motor skills. As their exposure and ability so does their confidence level!

PE instructors will play games every kids should know, activities like “Relay Races”, “Hot Potatoes”, “Freeze Tag”, and “Sharks vs. Minnows” will be played.  Based on the award-winning Rookie Rugby curriculum, the games are very similar, they just use a rugby ball (or a gator ball may be used!).  Just wait till the kids run “The Guantlet!

Brace yourselves #RugbyIsComing

 Want to introduce rugby at your school or group activity?  Ask your school to contact SYA for approved material and instruction: or visit the Teacher Rugby Resources page.  (Learn more…)


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