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The inaugural meeting of the SYA Players Advisory Council was held at the SYA Office on Saturday, October 5th. There was a good representation of this years nominated council despite all of the conflicts with State Cup/ Presidents Cup as well as the many Homecoming’s being held. 

This inaugural council was tasked with electing their first Board of Directors, assigning the working committee Chairs, creating a mission state and drafting its by-laws all of which the group made great progress with and will vote on adoption at the November meeting. The group is also in the process of coming up with an SYA Soccer hashtag to assist in club branding and marketing. The council are currently accepting submissions from players throughout the club and they will be posting an online poll of the top selections throughout the SYA social media platforms. The council plans to adopt the new club hashtag officially at the November meeting. 

It was a tremendous start from this group! Be on the lookout for some fantastic events and activities from this group in 2019/2020! 

Board of Directors- 2019/2020 

Chairman: JP Wiemann (02 Boys Red) Vice Chair: Andrew Weatherly (02 Boys Red) Secretary: Cassidy May (02 Girls Red) At-Large: Emma Casson (06 Girls Red) At-Large: Will Wiemann (06 Boys Red) 


Committees- 2019/2020 

Strategic Development: Andrew Weatherly- Chair Zachary Rhoades (02 Boys White) 

Operations: Emma Casson- Chair Allie Dietz (05 Girls Red) Bella Emington (06 Girls White) 

Fundraising: Cassidy May- Chair Max Anderson (07 Boys Red) Chandler Gallant (03 Girls Red) 

Service (Volunteerism): Will Wiemann- Chair Rylan Gray (06 Girls Red)


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