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About U8 Academy:

The SYA Soccer U8 Academy program is a 10-month, “travel prep” program that is designed to prepare players that are looking to make the jump into Travel Soccer.  This structured and intensive program is managed and run by the SYA professional coaching staff.  All of the Academy coaches have extensive playing and coaching backgrounds and are highly qualified coaches.

The Academy program is designed to provide players an environment where they will be challenged yet have an opportunity to express themselves as individual players.  Player development will be individual based, focusing on technical development and confidence with the ball.  There will be additional focus on small group tactics, especially in the fall and winter seasons.  One major difference between U8 Academy and Recreational soccer is the introduction of the goal keeper.  The spring season will see a slight change in philosophy as we begin to prepare the players for U9 Soccer where the structure will change from 5v5 on small fields to 7v7 on larger fields.

The Academy teams will practice two days per week during the fall and spring seasons with games on Saturday’s.  During the winter the team will train inside one day per week at the nZone in Chantilly with one indoor game on the weekends.  Additionally, our Academy teams will participate in a number of outside events and tournaments throughout the course of the year.

Our goal with the Academy is to bridge the gap between Recreational and Competitive (travel) soccer and provide a more challenging environment for players who are passionate about the game. Please note, while making the jump to competitive soccer is not required to participate, our goal within this program is to prepare players for U9/ U10 Travel Soccer at SYA.  

The Academy follows United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and United States Youth Soccer (USYS) approved methodologies for player development.

Program Directors:

U8 Academy Director:  Craig Scott- craig@syasoccer.org

Academy Schedule

Players practice two nights a week with games on Saturdays. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can my son/ daughter join the U8 Academy Program?
Interested players may request an evaluation for the U8 Academy Program by contacting Craig Scott.

Players will need to participate in a minimum of 2 evaluation sessions and will play within the existing U8 Academy group to evaluate their current level.

Additionally, SYA will host official evaluation sessions at the beginning of each season for players that are interested in joining.

To participate in an evaluation players will need to register through the SYA Soccer database and sign-up for “U8 Academy Tryouts”.  You can complete that at:  www.syasoccer.org/register

What is the cost to participate?
-Fall:  $450
-Winter:  $350
-Spring:  $450
-Full Year: $1150 ($100 discount)

Additional costs include practice uniform and SYA Recreational Jerseys

What should players bring to practices and games?
-Size 4 Soccer Ball (pumped up)
-Water Bottle
-Proper uniform attire including soccer cleats and shin guards

Can you play in both the U8 Academy and SYA Recreational League?
No.  U8 Academy already plays 3 days per week during the fall and spring so it is not possible to also play in SYA Rec.  There would be too many practice and game conflicts.

Who are the coaches?
The 2019/ 2020 U8 Academy Coaching staff includes:
-Craig Scott:  ETP Academy Director
-Matt Monos- Boys Staff Coach
-Eric Lewis- Boys Staff Coach
-Eugene Asamoah- Boys Staff Coach 
-Murielle Tiernan- Girls Staff Coach
-Karen Utter- Girls Staff Coach
-Clara Logsdon- Girls Staff Coach

-Carolyn Seltzer- Girls Staff Coach

*Please note:  The U8 Academy Staff is subject to change throughout the year*


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