SYA Healthy Eating [Webinar Recording]

Dr. Dae - Daemon Jones, ND - Naturopathic Physician

Coach Daryl and I (Dr. Dae) were very excited to speak to you about healthy eating a few weeks ago.  We loved all of the positive feedback that you have shared with us.

We wanted to make sure that you had information to share with your parents so they could watch the information about healthy eating to help you get all the right foods in your meal plans.

Please share this video with your parents so they can buy the foods to help you eat a healthy plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Here is the link

We know that there were some of you that were not able to attend because you had other commitments.  We decided to record a session for all of you.  Again we suggest that watch with your parents so you can actually make changes permanent for your family. 

If you have questions about how we can help you and your family eat better.  Please contact my office so I can speak to your parents about creating the right meal plans. I,  Dr. Dae, am happy to provide a complimentary 15 minute priority health call to discuss with your dietary or health concerns.


Dr. Dae

Daemon Jones, ND
Naturopathic Physician


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