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Updated: March 27, 2022
Question Answer
What does a typical practice/game schedule look like? U6-U9 practice - 1-1.5 hours per week
Games on Saturdays
  U9-U19 practice - 1.5 hours twice a week
Games on Saturdays
When does the season start? U4-U5 start Apr 2
U6-U12 start Mar 26
U14-U19 start Apr 9
When does the season end? U4-U8 ends Jun 4
U9-U12 ends Jun 5
U15-U19 ends Jun 12
When do practices start? Week of Mar 21
When do games start? Week of Mar 26
Are there evaluations/tryouts? When? Yes, see website for details or contact
Are their playoffs? U4-U8 no
U9-U15 yes Jun 4
U14-U19 yes - Jun11
Is there a picture day? Apr 23 at the SYA Sports Park - schedule comes from coach
Opening or closing ceremonies or activities No
Where can I find more info?
Are there any Big Events for this sport during season TBD


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