Virginia Valor Super Y

Virginia Valor Super Y



Virginia Valor will be holding tryouts for their Super Y Summer Program.  Details are below.  

Tryout registration link 

This program is a supplemental Summer Program and is not mandatory. 

About Super-Y League

The goal of the Super-Y League is to provide your club with an experience that is unparalleled in youth soccer. The Super-Y League shares your passion for player development and realizes that in order to be an elite club, you must play in an elite league. Through partnerships with some of the leaders in youth soccer, experienced and professional staff, advanced player tracking, and offering the chance to compete for a North American Championship, the Super-Y League is the best operated youth league in North America, allowing it to stand above the competition.

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Click on the logo to get some free speed and agility online workouts through one of our club parters True AP.  They are also doing some free workouts on their social media. 


Here are some individual links to YouTube footskills drills

Become Elite


Football Technique

Fast Feet Home Soccer Workouts

All Attack

Simply Soccer

Progressive Soccer












Coerver are doing some online clinics on their Facebook. Coerver is a Soccer skills teaching method used world wide by some of the top clubs. 

You can also check out their archives on their YouTube page here

Click on the logo to check them out. 















Click on the keeper for some individual goalkeeping tips from the late great Tony Dicicco

Coach Dicicco gives some best practices on various techniques for keepers of all ages


About SYA

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