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Positive Coaching Alliance: The Impact of the Work

Recently the Positive Coaching Alliance shared a story of impact from a recent workshop with a partner school in Minnesota which beautifully highlights the importance of training for all those involved in youth sports - coaches, parents, athletes, and administrators.

PCA Trainer Tex Ostvig visited Melrose Area schools in Minnesota to host several different workshops, and he recounts an interaction with a student-athlete that speaks to the undeniable impact of PCA. "Just before the start of our second session, a young man came up to me and said, 'I remember you, you came and spoke to us in the fall.' I thanked him for coming up and remembering me, then I asked him, "What do you remember?" At first, he spoke about being positive with himself and helping others to be positive, all hallmarks of PCA workshops. Then he said, "Thank you for what you said to my dad. Before he heard you, he was pushing me all the time and forcing me to do things in sports and that was really hard on me. But after you talked to him, he is nicer and more patient with me and that has made things better- thank you." After hearing these words from a student-athlete, Tex reflected that sometimes, "we walk through life hoping somewhere, somehow we are making a difference but sometimes we don't know if we are." PCA's impact on parents, student-athletes and the culture of sports as a whole at Melrose Area Schools is beyond question. Our work does not stop with Melrose Area Schools and that's why we need your support. Please consider supporting PCA with a gift today as we work to improve youth sports experiences nationwide.

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