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This is a great question and one that has been prominent in our seasonal surveys that we send out at the end of each season (WAIT!! you didn't respond to our survey? Please look for it at the end of every season). These articles are based on your input and we want to hear from you!!

Ok, so why are registrations so early and why is it important? Generally speaking, it is mostly dependent on getting permits for use from the County. We must meet a certain deadline and then, since we are a volunteer organization, we have to find coaches. In order to get our field/gym permits, find coaches, organize schedules, and put everything together, we need to start early. Over the last 49 years, SYA has tried many different ways to combat these issues, but it basically comes down to we need time to find volunteers and then organize the programs

As a reference, while we just opened registrations for summer programs, in less than a month (May 1 to be exact), we will be opening registrations for our fall sports. While this may seem ridiculous, keep in mind that our deadline to the County to request fields/gyms is June 1. While a month may seem like a lot, it's still a short time for our sports volunteers (who mostly hold full-time jobs) to get together and figure out what the season will look like, how many fields/gyms we will need, etc.

All in all, SYA truly and seriously appreciates those of you that register early. We even offer discounts in some sports to help encourage that effort. We also are trying to catch everyone before summer vacations start up!!

In closing, please sign up early. If you have suggestions that you think may help, sign up as a volunteer and help us out! We hope this article is well received. See you at the gym or on the fields!

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