SYA Volleyball All-Star Tournament

SYA Volleyball All-Star Tournament

Area Tournament All-Star Team Program: held annually on the first Saturday in June

SYAV will send all-star teams made up of all-star players selected from house teams. The League Directors will determine exact number of teams and the tournament format during the season.


Players on the team will be responsible for paying for the tournament team fee of $25, which includes the tournament fees and the all-star jersey costs.


The League Director, in consultation with the Commissioner (President) and Assistant Commissioner (Vice President), selects all-star coaches. Current or previous coaches are asked if they would like to volunteer as a tournament coach for a specific league, usually the league that their child is playing in. Usually, coaches with children of tournament ability are asked to volunteer. From those that are willing to be a tournament coach, a coach or coaches are selected for each league.

Tournament coaches need to be experienced coaches, need to have shown strong ability to coach youth of the age group selected, and knowledge of volleyball rules. Prior experience coaching at tournaments is desirable. They must also be available to lead the all-star try outs and practices and attend the all-star tournament.


Players are selected for the tournament team at tournament team try outs. The tournament team coaches, in conjunction with the league director, will set up a try out schedule.

House coaches will be encouraged to advise their top players to try out.

Each tournament team will have 10 to 12 players at the discretion of the all-star coaches.

For a player to try out for the tournament team, they

1. Should have the following abilities:

  • Consistently serve most balls over the net and landing in-bounds.
  • Capable of serving the ball over the net and in-bounds a majority of the time (HS level).
  • Consistent forearm passing.
  • Capable of successfully making forearm and overhead passes a majority of the time (HS level).
  • Be able to pass the ball to another player, rather than just hitting the ball back over the net when received.
  • Have basic spiking skills.
  • Good setting ability.
  • Must have knowledge of volleyball rules and be able to apply them during play.

2. Must have the following “team player attributes”:

  • Commit to attending the all-star tournament.
  • Commit to attending all all-star team practices as well as their regular team practices.
  • Show good sportsmanship to other players and the coaches.
  • Respect the referees and line persons.
  • Cannot be disruptive at practices.


Selection of the house volleyball all-star team will be made during late April or Early May. Eligible house participants will be notified by their coaches and/or via email regarding the time and date of the try outs.


Domestic Competition Regulations Order of the Rules as presented by USA Volleyball will generally be followed. However, there are often all-star tournament specific rules. All-star coaches will be provided with the list of tournament specific rules as soon as they have been made available from the tournament director.


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