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Welcome to 2019-2020 SYA Wrestling – Home of the “Matdogs”!

The SYA youth wrestling program is designed to teach youth (males & females) grades K-8 “Folkstyle” wrestling, the form of wrestling used in High School and College.

Our mission is to provide fun, instructional, and competitive wrestling opportunities during the Winter season for kids of all skill levels in grades 8 and below to foster their love for the sport and provide technique and lessons to support continued growth as a person and athlete.  Our team-based approach ensures an appropriate experience for newcomers to the sport up through highly competitive wrestlers looking to take their performance to the next level.

Tournaments are selected to again provide the appropriate competitive experience for each wrestler in the program.  Wrestlers have the ability to compete individually in the Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation (NVWF), select Top of the Podium (ToP) events, and “open” tournaments. NVWF and ToP provides opportunities for Matdogs to compete with members of other local youth wrestling clubs, and are grouped by age, weight and experience level. Emphasis is placed on fun, safety, physical fitness and the development of proper wrestling techniques. No weight loss is required or encouraged. We have kids at all different ages, sizes, and levels of experience.

Matdogs wanting to take another step into competitive wrestling can enter “open” tournaments. Coaches will identify and travel to different areas of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania for tournaments that can be more challenging and offer different experiences.

Wrestling provides a terrific sporting opportunity for every child.  There’s no bench and everyone, regardless of size, can fully participate and develop physical fitness, confidence, and important life lessons such as discipline, respect, and persistence.  Wrestling is an individual sport that also teaches the importance of teamwork and greater body awareness, balance, and coordination that translates very well to other sports. 

Our SYA youth wrestling program had over 100 kids last year and we anticipate growing again this year! 

Wrestling offers many opportunities to learn lessons about life. It can be physically and mentally demanding. Your weaknesses will be exposed and strengths revealed. There is a famous quote from former Olympic champion Dan Gable “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” We support the complete development of the kids and help them learn to balance both on and off the mat. We will praise your child’s success and help them learn from their failures. Wrestlers will learn about hard work and discipline. They will become mentally as well as physically stronger, and develop self-confidence that they will use throughout life.

Practice takes place at Westfield High School, weeknights beginning in November. Weekly competitions begin in mid-December and continue through the first week of March. More details will be posted as they become available.



2019-2020 NVWF Tourney Dates and Locations Coming Soon!





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