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SYA has provided the youth of Northern Virginia with the opportunity to participate in sports activities since 1973. Today, SYA serves over 13,000 children ages 4-19, and over 5,000 families. SYA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to providing youth athletes with a safe and positive environment in sports competition.  

SYA Xplosion Fastpitch operates under the umbrella of Southern Youth Association (SYA).   Xplosion teaches advanced softball to prepare our athletes for success in HS, and in preparation for college prospecting and recruitment. We are a boutique program who invests heavily in a small group of hard-working athletes, not a large and ever-growing youth softball factory.  We win through investment in our athletes as our measure of success, not just number of wins each team collects.  We typically operate four to five teams in our program each year.

We we welcome hardworking athletes and coaches of character into our program!

Read more about our program below, on Facebook, and contact our commissioner with questions.


Our organization values team work, hard work, commitment, integrity, sportsmanship, and accountability both on and off the field. Our program stands on the pillars of 1) learning and embracing the fundamental and advanced skills of softball, 2) working with unity in a team environment with passion for the game, 3) physical fitness developed through professional strength and agility training, 4) learning to demonstrate integrity and work hard both on and off the field, 5) having fun!


Our head coaches are also members of the National Fast pitch Coaches Association (NFCA), and are USA Softball ACE Certified Instructors.   All team managers, head coaches, and assistant coaches have national background checks completed.    All of our team have adults with prior scholastic baseball or softball players as part of the leadership teams.   Our high school teams are coached by seated Fairfax County varsity softball coaches, and our middle school teams are coached by parents with prior select softball coaching experience and played baseball or softball as youth.  Our league on-boards team managers of solid character and who are dedicated to our athletes.

Our coaches are well educated and articulate individuals who are college educated professionals.  This is important because NCAA prohibits colleges from making recruitment contact with athletes before September 1 of their junior year of High School, and colleges rely on travel softball coaches to represent players before they can contact them.  It is also important because athletes can rest assured the coaches are reasonable, knowledgable, and will tream them with the respect they are due!


Our league invests heavily in the development and training of our valued athletes by offering a year round softball program.    We train for and compete in mostly local tournaments during the spring and fall.  We conduct 1 to 2 in-season practice a week and offer strength and agility training.   During the off season we provide top-level professional trainers administering strength training, agility training, pitching lessons, team-based batting, and team-based defensive practices.   

We own and operate an indoor training warehouse to provide our athletes professional conditioning through our partner XLR8 Sports Performance and offer pitching and batting lanes to work on skills all year round.


Our players all share the common goal of learning the advanced skills and nuances of softball while competing and preparing for High School and College competition.

We welcome both local and regional players who want to work hard and be a part of our great program.  Regional players and scholastic players receive practice accommodations with tailored individual development plans when attending week-day events is not feasible.


Our teams compete in USSSA, USA Softball, and NSA tournaments where our teams have won numerous tournaments and have won berths to ASA Nationals, the NSA World Series, the USSSA Fastpitch World Series and PONY Nationals.  Our high-school level teams participate in ACC, PGF, and other showcase events to gain experience and exposure to professionals and the recruitment process. In 2004 we took the championship trophy at PONY Nationals and finished in the top third of all teams participating in ASA Nationals. 


Each of our team practices are open to athlete's who want to learn more about us. Contact our commissioner (information below) to learn more about the age-appropriate team schedule.  We hold regular player evaluations and offer private evaluations each week upon request.   Visit our evaluations page for more information on seasonal tryouts.

As our teams age up it drives constant a demand.  If you would like to be part of our leadership team at any age level please contact us to express your interest!   We welcome individuals, groups, and teams who are willing to invest the time, share our commitment to raising athletes of solid character who are fundamentally sound softball players, and are excited to leverage our indoor warehouse and professional sports trainers. Contact us as noted below or visit our registration page above for more information.


We practice outside typically at EC Lawrence Park, Colin Powell ES , Westfield HS, or Centerville HS.

We practice inside during poor weather and over the winter at XLR8 Sports Training or  Xplosion Whse (Unit Indy) or Complete Game or Rip City.


Xplosion Fastpitch is sponsored by the Demarini/ Louisville/ Wilson offering our athletes discounts on equipment and support for our USSSA Spring Opener, "The Kaboom."  USSSA, Eddie Small, is a great proponent of Northern Virginia Select Softball, and Xplosion is pleased to compete in most of Eddie's events!

Xplosion Fastpitch partners with XLR8 Sports Performance to offer professional speed, agility, and strength training in our league's facility across from the Chantilly Costco.

Xplosion Fastpitch partners with professional college advisors who have the relationships with college coaches and their scouts to find the perfect blend of academic interests, college experience interests, and softball competition. 

Xplosion is part of Southern Youth Association (SYA) which offers a quality athletic experience for thousands of youth athletes in many sports who live in the northern Virginia area.


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